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On It's Born (i996), Doug Hammond returned to his Detroit experimental laboratory - still searching for melodies whose notes fall next to the beats, and drum grooves that replace a whole rhythm section. He succeeds in doing this right in the title piece, even if the instrumentation of the theme with trumpet and tenor sax juggles a little bit of jazz convention. Many of the other numbers are already well-known to Hammond aficionados: "World Protection Blues," for example, was already interpreted by the Dave Holland Quintet. In the booklet, Hammond recalls a comment from the German trombonist Rudi Fuesers. He once wanted to know if the chords of "World Protection Blues" were right. Fuesers is a wise man: "They're not wrong," he said. "They are unusual, but fit the song better than what might appear normal." "Crazy Over You," "Moves," and "We People" can be heard once again. Even my old favorite, "Perspicuity," can be found, this time, however, without any melody. What's left is a poetic text which is recited to the rhythm of the theme and accompanied by drums. Perhaps that is the key to understanding of his melodies: they are melodized declamation texts. Does the aesthetic of M-Base rest upon the spoken melodies of a poet?

(HANS-JÜRGEN SCHAAL/Image hifi nr.5, 2005)

About Regina Carter

The silhouette-like, jagged themes thereby fall under the responsibility of the violinist:~' her exact, somewhat wooden playing fits excellently to Hammond's wantonly aping melodies and lend the music an almost chamber music-like strictness and solidity.

(HANS-JÜRGEN SCHAAL/Image hifi nr.5, 2005)

Artist: DOUG HAMMOND Title: IT'S BORN Players: Regina Carter violin, Wendell Harrison tenor sax, Dwight Adams trumpet, Marion Hayden bass Label: JPC-1001 recorded: 1996


It`s Born (3:15)
Treat For Reggie (2:47)
World Protection Blues (3:50)
Peaka's Dance (3:35)
Crazy Over You (6:20)
Moves (6:08)
Mrs. & Mr. Cat/ Leanin`/ Perspicuity (4:12)
For Our Souls/ We People (7:24)
Marcia`s Move (3:50)



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