Timeless Jazz Music

Drummer Doug Hammond gathered a circle of expressive horn players for a blow out of timeless jazz music deeply rooted in the Afro-American heritage at the Bildungshaus St. Magdalena. In “The Now Music Quartet” sits a trumpeter positioned at the front line of the US scene – Dwight Adams. Blues chords and masterfully growling solos are echoes of a great tradition. Roman Filiu comes from the vital music world of Cuba; one knows his emphatic alto saxophone from the legendary Buena Vista Social Club. Jon Sass has been blowing his harmonically as well as rhythmically sharply pronounced tuba for Austria’s jazz crews for a long time. The American created therewith a basis for a relaxed collective. Ingenious and, at the same time, compactly written are the compositions of a Doug Hammond.

Peter Baumann, Kronenzeitung 9. Juni 2009

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