Perspicuity actually means clearness, brightness or sharpness. Perspicious-perspicuus=transparent, perspicous, fr. perspicere=plain to the understanding especially because of clarity and precision of presentation.
During the 1970's I was creatively involved with a great and prolific writer/poet named Sara Stringfellow Messmer. Upon completion of the same named composition I asked her what it reminded her of. She contemplated on it for a few days and came up with this title. It was most befitting because this title piece was to me a penetration through the complicated and wasteful web of confusion caused by complaceny, greed and lack of rhythm awareness.

Perspicuity Performer: Doug Hammond Trio with Steve Coleman, Muneer A. Fataah Label: L&R Rec., (Bellaphon) recorded:1991


01. Papilagi (5:29)
02. Lush Life 1 (5:41)
03. For Durrah (6:11)
04. Figit Time (3:34)
05. Heart Of Quiet Resignation (5:33)
06. Perspicuity 1 (4:06)
07. Whisperings Of Uschi (7:25)
08. Spies (6:35)
09. Perspicuity 2 (6:25)
10. Cherokee (9:14)
11. Lush Life 2 (7:45)

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