Doug Hammond

Pictures And Hues IDIBIB DB 203

Rose Doug Hammond Tentet LIVE Douglas Hammond, Idibib db 202 with Dwight Adams, Wendell Harrison, Stéphane Payen, Roman Filiu, Jean Toussaint, Dick Griffin, Kirk Lightsey, Aaron James, Howard Curtis and Doug Hammond, conducting and playing drums on "It's Now" and "Lights"

New Beginning NEW BEGINNING - Solo, Duo&Trio; guests Stephan Payen, Reggie Washington, BLUE MARGE 1012

It's Now Doug Hammond Live, 2010 Idibib DB201 with Dwight Adams, Roman Filiu, Jon Sass

A Real Deal Doug Hammond, HS001CD, 2007 with Kirk Lightsey

Singing Smiles The Doug Hammond Trio - IDBIB DB101, 2005 with Dwight Adams, Pablo Nehar

It's born Doug Hammond, JPC 1001, 1996/2000 with Regina Carter, Wendell Harrison , Dwight Adams, Marion Hayden

Spaces Doug Hammond, DIW-359, 1992 with Steve Coleman, Byard Lancaster, Kirk Lightsey and Muneer Abdul Fataah

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