Ellipse indicates that the focus of this album is drawn from two points: the inner-voice that has roots in Africa, which manifests itself through impressions perceived by the composer in America from his African ancestors.

side one

1. Warm-Up (from Percussion Workshop #1): dedicated to the Ba-Benzele people, this piece' kindles innate spirits, inspiring one to move or dance.

2. Concentric Dream (from Dey Time Ventures Suite). At any point in the composition, one can begin to listen and get the somber peaceful feeling in a day-dreaming state.

3. Dey Time Ventures: is a venture into the etherial and mystical impressions given to us by all the ancestors, starting from Africa, America and where ever else.

4.Roger (from "The Fickle Suite"): is dedicated to my good friend and co-leader of the Percussion Ensemble, Roger Blank. A happy feeling.

5. East 14th St!: There are many good and bad things happening on E. 14th St., New York, that would be unbelievable to some people.

side two

1. Funk Beat from Motherland (from Percussion Workshop #1): signifies where we in America get so much "soul" from, only it is usually watered down 'so that those who don't really feel or like it can understand it enough to exploit some of its possibilities. Africa is the motherland.

2. Night of Sand: relates to the life in death, the amazing regenerative powers of nature which ceaselessly transform decaying rot into fresh vitality.

3. Prayer from the Sun

A) Rising Sun: Like a radiant dawn, each day a beautiful woman, born under the sign of Leo, brought nourishment and life to her nine children.
B) The Earth Speaks - One child, a Capricorn, acknowledges the serenity and loveliness of the earth, abhoring its rape and robbery for purposes of greed and lust for power.
C) Rejeuvenation - Because of her enduring love and profound strength, she pulled her offspring through hard times, inspiring a respect for all living creatures. Prejudice is a spiritual plague of epidemic proportions; however, for the oppressed to take onthe character of the oppressor, out ofignorance, is for them to be contaminated by the same disease.Dedicated to Mrs. Rosa Walters, who taught this lesson.

4.Spank in' - It: finger-poppin' swing. (from "The Fickle Suite")

5. Apple Birdleg March: skinny leggs havin' fun.

Special note: Dey Time Ventures was composed by Karen Joseph and Doug Hammond

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